Niepolomice castle – amusing and emotional speeches in an artistic wedding film with Australian couple

Niepolomice Castle wedding was a challenging event. This wedding featured plenty of events to be captured including: amazing wedding venue decorations, Medieval ballroom the wedding was held in, unusual wedding lighting, emotional wedding speeches and the special knight fight show which especially attracted Canadian guests of the groom. We really liked the speeches that followed the couple’s first dance which both highlighted the real love of bride and groom . This coming soon was supposed not to reveal the main characters of the day which we tried to achieve by a series of shots making them a mysterious couple. Driven by the idea of creating an unusual wedding videos we came with an innovative idea of drone filming the fireworks show which was the evening attraction of the wedding. It was a very risky task but our drone operator did not give up capturing amazing night drone shots of the spectacular fireworks show. So, was it worth risking?

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