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At the very beginning Marry Me Studio cinematographers have created documentary films primarily focused on extreme sports. This have formed their “one time capture” skills with natural storytelling sensitivity and dynamism typical of documentary film makers.


Unobtrusive way of filming is a skill we have gained throughout many years participating in a variety of documentary film productions. Smartly dressed as your wedding guests Marry Me Studio team members disappear in the crowd gaining necessary discretion to film or photograph unique and natural moments of the event. We prefer highest quality sound and film equipment of a size that does not distract people being filmed or photographed.


We avoid artificial light which we do not use, nor any bulky piece of film equipment that may distract the couple and guests. We believe there is no better light than provided by the nature which makes your wedding films even more real and natural. We prefer not to interfere in the course of the wedding events, however a joke to cheer up the bride and groom may occur.


Dress code, appropriate behavior and character of our cinematic wedding films confirm elegance presence in each stage of your wedding film creation process. Unusual angles and cinematic color grading emphasize the elegance, style and atmosphere of filmed or photographed events.


We have visited numerous places on Earth and witnessed many love stories of different religions, habits, cultures and nationalities. Regardless, we film an intimate outdoor wedding or a great destination wedding in a castle we always try to meet expectations of our clients.
The best wedding film” is a short description of our work by some of our clients who claim our films to differ each from another. This is the best testimonial that reflects our efforts to always create unusual wedding films.

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