Marry Me Studio’s unusual approach to wedding film creation meets high interest among wedding videographers and wedding photographers willing to start their film adventure. We decided to develop our wedding offer by introduction of wedding film workshop divided into three options. The idea as well as its programme derives from numerous questions and suggestions we have received through recent years.

warsztaty filmu ślubnego

“1on1” – an individual meeting during which all subjects of a trainee interest are being aroused and explained. A wide spectrum of wedding filming, editing process or business approach supplemented with good practice samples are being described. “1on1” workshop will tell you how to prepare your wedding offer, how to gain clients, how to advertise your wedding film company, what film equipment to use during a real wedding and ceremony shoot out, how to develop your wedding offer, personal skills and actions performed. Furthermore, we will cover topics including how to capture best sound during speeches, how to capture interesting shots during bride’s preparations, the ceremony and the wedding party. This wedding film workshop offers you also a possibility of actual filming “in the field” with our film gear including glidecam, electric sliders, tripods, audio system, dslr rig. Also, you will be informed about our method on how to deal with low quality shots during postproduction process (shaky footage, burnt out shots, poor audio), how to deal with stressful situations during the ceremony and the wedding (troublesome priest, unkind guests, very demanding couple) or how to organise an efficient workflow during the actual shooting day and many more. The workshop date is being adjusted individually to a trainee availability. Please send us an inquiry on “1on1” wedding film workshops for detailed information and prices.

“2in1”, hire us – In this wedding workshop you can hire the best wedding cinematographer of Marry Me Studio to join you on your client’s wedding.

This is the first „hire us” workshop alternative during which we will not only explain, teach, guide and assist you but also film with you and give you the rights to all of our video and audio files.
During the wedding film workshop you will receive:
– professional support – we will explain, show, answer your questions just like we would in „1on1” wedding film workshop. However, “2in1” option gives you our assistance for the entire wedding day.
– practical support – you will get an additional cinematographer who is going to film the wedding with you. Also, we would monitor your work explaining how to improve it. You will be also given full rights to use all the video source material shot by our best wedding videographer.
– access to our film equipment (lenses, wireless audio and mics, sliders, gimbals and many more)
– secret tips about our work style. After initial recognition we would rise issues of utmost importance to the participant of the workshop (work plan, best equipment for wedding filming, how to make beautiful drone shots, wedding marketing, wedding business development, creation of your own style, how to film the vows, how to shoot a wedding, how to record audio on wedding, how to edit a wedding film, how to film wedding speeches, what gimbal for wedding, how to make your wedding offer better than of the best wedding videographers, etc.)
Please send us an inquiry on “2in1” wedding film workshops for detailed information and prices.

“The Group work” – a meeting in a group of wedding videographers and photographers

This is the third form of workshops offered by Marry Me Studio. This option is targeted to videographers and photographers who prefer group meeting instead of an individual approach. Group workshops will have a set date, place and time as well as submissions will occur. The third option of wedding film workshops will allow a trainee to know our shooting and organisation workflow but also the equipment used during real weddings and ceremonies. Also, explanations of Marry Me Studio unique editing, stylish shooting, working your own style, running a business and advertising methods will be provided. “The group work” wedding film workshop gives also an opportunity to meet other videographers with different experience level whom any participant will be encouraged to exchange his views with. “The group work” workshop offers a possibility of mutual discussion, problem solution and views exchange between not only the team of Marry Me Studio lecturers but also the workshop participants.

Wedding documentary videographers, artistic wedding cinematographers or wedding photographers who are willing to start filming weddings just like Marry Me Studio does will find the subject of the workshop an answer to the following list of frequently asked questions:

how to start filming weddings, how to prepare your wedding offer to couples, what film equipment to use when filming a wedding and what lenses to use when shooting a wedding, how to advertise wedding film services, how to create something new and fresh on a wedding videography market, how to distinguish a wedding business among other wedding companies, how to run and develop wedding film business, how to cooperate with a wedding photographer during a ceremony, how to work with the couple preserving your own wedding film style, how to deal with difficult couples, how to capture sound during ceremony, how to edit a wedding film in a cinematic style, how to capture emotions during a wedding, how to create a vintage wedding film, how to become an original destination wedding videographer and many more.

The group workshops will be run in a limited number of participants .

For further questions to any three forms of wedding film workshops run by Marry Me Studio please drop us an email.

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