V+D | glamour wedding decorations in luxurious wedding film in Goetz Palace

Not often you will get a demanding bride who wants vintage glamour style in a cinematic wedding video. Especially if it is organized in palace wedding venue with luxurious wedding decoration. This mixture sounds crazy just like our bride and groom characteristics. Smartly dressed tatooed groom with a hipster beard marrying a smart Australian platinum blonde fashion designer and art lover. If such original and famous couple regards Marry Me Studio as the best wedding videographers, there is no choice but to create the best wedding video ever. We loved the bride’s natural wedding makeup just like her unusual wedding dress style. When best wedding planners collaborate perfectly making all the wedding dreams of our bride come true, the wedding must be perfect ! This luxurious wedding in Goetz palace was filled with amazing wedding decoration in glamour style. Filming luxurious weddings in an unobtrusive way is not an easy task. Famous people weddings have thought us to stay unnoticed even though we capture emotional moments during very touching speeches. We knew the wedding ceremony was held in the most beautiful church in the center of Cracow. Amazing St. Ann church interiors combined with wedding palace drone shots and its breath taking decorations made the wedding video more royal than just glamour. So would you call the video a cinematic wedding film or rather a glamour wedding highlight ?

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