B+H | Huge Vietnamese wedding in a cinematic film by an award winning videographer

The great oriental wedding was one of these unforgettable events. The Vietnamese wedding was held in Stara Zajezdnia which easily hosted almost 400 international guests of bride and groom. This was a real masterpiece in terms of wedding decorations’ uniqueness and the size of them. The wedding could have been filmed by the world’s best wedding videographers but as we were told the coupled loved our cinematic wedding films which made them select Marry Me Studio to capture the day. That was a proof of a real appreciation of our efforts as wedding videographers. However, it was also a real challenge for our team to impress the clients. We loved the idea of white carpet walk of the couple as the beginning of the wedding party. It is difficult to describe what impression made the unique decorations but we hope you will be able to feel it from our film. In order to make sure all the guests can see the day events we took care of a live transmission projected on a huge screen. That was a real fun for us and the guests watching themselves live on a huge screen. We could talk endlessly about this one but maybe this wedding film will speak for itself.

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