J+P | Emotional wedding in Stara Zajezdnia shot by the best wedding cinematographer in Cracow

Cracow wedding in Stara Zajezdnia which we unobtrusively captured in this cinematic wedding video made Marry Me Studio become the best wedding videographer in Poland. The title was awarded by the jury of the largest international wedding film contest Weva PRO. In this award winning wedding highlight we wanted to capture natural emotions of the bride and groom and their families. It was possible due to unobtrusive way of filming Marry Me Studio recommends on weddings. This approach always makes our cinematographers gain trust of filmed characters who start acting naturally as they feel safe with us. That was the real key for this wedding short successfulness. We started filming bride’s preperations in Kazimierz Hotel in Cracow. Then we shot an emotional ceremony in Cracow church Na Skale located by the Vistula river. The wedding venue decorations were amazing just like the unusual first wedding dance of the newly weds. We liked the idea of thank you parents film screening as it was very emotional, funny and different to what we have already experienced. It was interviews with the couples’ families that made the wedding highlight so special. Natural and authentic interviews full of wisdom, love, understanding and even apology made us create a real and emotional motion picture that exceeded our expectations. How about yours ?

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