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In Marry Me Studio our clients usually receive “the best of wedding film” and a longer film representation of the wedding day. The first stands for a short artistic wedding highlight which samples you may watch below. The latter is a 30-50 min cinematic film of the entire event . Both, mostly featuring preparations of bride and groom, ceremony and the wedding party. According to your preferences, the creation of your unusual wedding film may contain Hollywood style aerial cinematography, super slow motion shots, super8 vintage camera use, a 4k wedding film shots and many more.

Twinkle. | a Texan family portray |documentary family video with Super8 film camera

- Would you be that crazy to fly 9000 km to make a documentary family video souvenir for our newborn as she’s grown ? - YES ! We were asked to create a family documentary in Texas, USA. It was supposed to focus on a newborn. "[...]We want mainly our baby in the film". One could say; just an average family video but what if the film was to become a souvenir for the little one - the main character of the film who is going to watch it after... 30 years or so ? What should be presented and how? What technology to use ? What is visually important in that case ? What such a baby or we could rather say an adult would like to see and remember ? Would that be herself only or others too ? What style of the film to choose ? So many questions and no unequivocal answers. The final result of our brainstorming can be seen in the film. Will it become a hit souvenir ? That is something we cannot tell right now nor for many years to come. However, we would like you to see the result while our main character is entering her childhood chapter. PS. Thanks to all the customs from Rzeszow, Warsaw, Zurich, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Washington and Dallas for not X-raying nor opening our black and white film. Thanks guys !!!

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