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In Marry Me Studio our clients usually receive “the best of wedding film” and a longer film representation of the wedding day. The first stands for a short artistic wedding highlight which samples you may watch below. The latter is a 30-50 min cinematic film of the entire event . Both, mostly featuring preparations of bride and groom, ceremony and the wedding party. According to your preferences, the creation of your unusual wedding film may contain Hollywood style aerial cinematography, super slow motion shots, super8 vintage camera use, a 4k wedding film shots and many more.

Kamila + Timo | emotional German wedding in a cinematic style

Destination wedding in German castle / Hochzeit Schloss Favourite. Marry Me Studio destination videographers love to travel. Each invitation to travel abroad is a confirmation that our unique approach to creating wedding films makes sense. What we remember this destination wedding for the most is the emotional ceremony in the castle chapel. It was not just another ceremony. We were real witnesses of true love confessions. You could hear it, you could see it, you could feel it. In our opinion the ceremony and its emotional feeling had to be underlined more than the party or some wedding attractions which we included in the full length wedding film. We are honored to have witnessed the real love which we tried to capture in this short cinematic wedding film. Thank you!

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Wedding venue:

Ceremony master: Johann Keller

Wedding band:
Catering: che'nou
Wedding dress: Lisa Donetti

Buty ślubne: Rainbow

Wedding photography:

Decorations / flowers:
Wedding cake:Konditorei Schlosscafe Favorite

Makeup: DilanArslanMakeUp

Wedding suit: Wilvorst

Wedding car:


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