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In Marry Me Studio our clients usually receive “the best of wedding film” and a longer film representation of the wedding day. The first stands for a short artistic wedding highlight which samples you may watch below. The latter is a 30-50 min cinematic film of the entire event . Both, mostly featuring preparations of bride and groom, ceremony and the wedding party. According to your preferences, the creation of your unusual wedding film may contain Hollywood style aerial cinematography, super slow motion shots, super8 vintage camera use, a 4k wedding film shots and many more.

E + K | luxurious wedding film of Goetz palace wedding shot unobtrusively

The uniqueness of this cinematic wedding short film was awarded 4th place on an international wedding film contest WEVA Award 2017 in BEST VIDEO EDITOR category. We remember the day of the wedding which we started by filming amazing interiors of the bride’s house. Historical paintings, classical vintage furniture made us feel like visiting a museum. The ceremony was kept private. However, the film viewers can admire the uniqueness of the Goetz Palace interiors and the wedding party it had hosted. The palace giant old brown wooden hall made a dazzling impression on each wedding participant. It contrasted well with bright and elegant interiors of the palace chambers. We firstly loved the couple’s personalities then their appearance. Finally, we fell in love with the Goetz palace. The drone shots were supposed to emphasize the beauty of the wedding venue alongside the steadicam shots inside of it. The wedding session was shot on Super 8 camera adding a vintage feel that matched the unique style of the bride and groom. In your opinion, did we manage to capture the originality and mysteriousness of this event?

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