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In Marry Me Studio our clients usually receive “the best of wedding film” and a longer film representation of the wedding day. The first stands for a short artistic wedding highlight which samples you may watch below. The latter is a 30-50 min cinematic film of the entire event . Both, mostly featuring preparations of bride and groom, ceremony and the wedding party. According to your preferences, the creation of your unusual wedding film may contain Hollywood style aerial cinematography, super slow motion shots, super8 vintage camera use, a 4k wedding film shots and many more.

Ann + Samuel | emotional and dynamic approach in cinematic wedding film

Filming a wedding in Tarce Palace must have resulted in an unusual wedding film. Not only the palace wedding venue near Wroclaw has made an unforgettable impression on our wedding videographers but also the stunning bride whose wedding dress with makeup made her look beautiful. The wedding veil added the classy look to her breathtaking appearance making it even more cinematic and mysterious. The groom looked perfect, making them both present like elegant film stars or fashion models. The overall classy appearance of the wedding style made us create something unique. It was important for the couple to capture the events and following emotions in a discreet manner. We decided to start the film with a church timelapse. The film idea was to present the perfect wedding day events in an original way. The unobtrusive way of filming made us reach the goal. Our main aim was to tell the story in an unusual and unique way. We planned to attract the couple by adding it a mysterious character and cinematic look. The finish of the wedding highlight film had to be special. We came with an idea of accelerating the ending scene pace with reversed scenes . All in all, did we manage to create a unique short wedding highlight with an energetic ending?

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