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In Marry Me Studio our clients usually receive “the best of wedding film” and a longer film representation of the wedding day. The first stands for a short artistic wedding highlight which samples you may watch below. The latter is a 30-50 min cinematic film of the entire event . Both, mostly featuring preparations of bride and groom, ceremony and the wedding party. According to your preferences, the creation of your unusual wedding film may contain Hollywood style aerial cinematography, super slow motion shots, super8 vintage camera use, a 4k wedding film shots and many more.

A+B | outdoor ceremony in Polish Highlands | Super8 rustic outdoor wedding film

Outdoor ceremony with rustic wedding in Koscielisko shot with a vintage Super8 film camera. The London bride and groom choice was just perfect. They decided to marry each other in Polish Highlands. Outdoor wedding ceremony that ended up in a heavy rain. This ceremony was just insane. We started that unusual wedding day filming preparations of the bride in Villa Nova in Zakopane. In our opinion our Asian bride did not need any wedding make up as her natural beauty made her look just perfect. We also loved the Asian bride’s choice of her wedding gown. It was a mixture of an oriental wedding dress with a rustic wedding dress style. The wedding gown was bright pink and subtly decorated with flowers. The groom’s choice was a rare bright blue suit with pink elements. We loved that match up! During the outdoor wedding ceremony the skies tears well up and flood. The same happened to the wedding guests whose hearts were melted by emotional wedding vows of the bride and groom. Soaked to the wet but full of joy the newly weds started their first dance. Each time when we think of that outdoor wedding in Polish Highlands we see wedding guests drinking vodka from the bottle on the dance floor. True story. We are super happy the couple have regarded Marry Me Studio as the best wedding videographer who will fit their crazy style just like they wanted. Btw. Super8 wedding film excerpts made the wedding video look so unusual. Right ?

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