Luxurious wedding in Goetz Palace in Brzesko by Marry Me Studio

„Despite her expensive taste in… everything…” – the entire ballroom bursted into laugh. This sentence expressed by the father of the bride is the best summary of the high register, class and demanding character of the event Marry Me Studio was asked to participate in.

Such a sophisticated taste of our client Veronica required us to to create not just “a nice wedding vid” but compose a pure visual banger!

When we got to the amazing palace we got to know everything is already ready. Everything was amazing, spectacular, well – thought, unusual. All of that makes a huge impression.

Well, folks, that smells like doing our best to prove Marry Me Studio is the right film makers choice. Not to mention such start of the day is quite stressful but well, who said it’s gonna be easy ????

Just a few words about the music selection process. After listening to more than 300 songs, we selected about 40 pieces. However, none of them was actually “it”. It was night of the third day of our searching for a perfect song for this short wedding film. Then, bang ! What have we just listened to ? Playback it. Yessss ! This matches perfectly our vision. But wait. Will that match our “expensive taste in everything” bride’s vison ? Damn! Who knows. Gotta risk! Let’s do it. And so we did.

That was a really demanding post production process. Numerous trialas, changes, cuts, transitions. Finally, color and effects post production with selective framen masking individual for each shot used in the short wedding highlight. That was a hell of a work but watching it now we believe it was worth it. Damn, it was !

There is a lot to tell you guys about the amazing approach of all the wedding vendors who participated in the event. You will find them linked in the Polish description above. We have also mentioned a lot about the unusualness of our bride’s vision of the event. Her amazing wedding dress which must have weighted like 15 kg.

We wanted to hang it on a chandelier in the palace library but had to talk about it for like 15 minutes as we were talking with the manager if it is gonna fall or not. Well, miraculously it was hanged on but …forgotten to be taken off, sorry Veronica, we had to run to the church ???? Devil is in the details.

Our bride and groom chose shoes that had same red tone soles. We wish to have that caring for details brides each time we are on a project ???? And that unusual wedding ring we still don’t know the brand of. Decorations… so much to write here but just watch the film please and you will know.

We are very glad that there was a wedding planner involved in the wedding organization. Anna and Paulina – big thumbs up! Great work girls ! We are super happy that we hada pleasure to participate in the wedding of Veronica and Daniel. It was a really unusual day which we tried to capture and visualize in the motion picture above. We hope you will like it. Leave a comment, share, like if you want to ???? Thanks !